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EURUSD Harmonic Trade Setup H4 Chart EUUS230601

EURUSD Harmonic Trade Setup H4 Chart EUUS230601

Pattern /Reason: Bearish Total 1 & Bearish Total 2 Pattern

Time Frame: H4

Accuracy of the Pattern: 64%

Setup No: EUUS230601

Recommended Lot: 0.20

Trade Period: Intraday / Medium-term

Active/Pending: Pending

Trade: Short

Entry: 1.14080 – 1.14260

Stop Loss: Below X 1.14600

TP1: 1.136000 / Reached

TP2: 1.132000 / Reached

TP 3: 1.129000

Divergence/ Convergence Confirmation: Not Yet – Will be updated.

Candle Pattern Confirmation: Engulfing / Harami

Moving Average Confirmation: Nothing Particular

The trend of the Timeframe: Bullish

The trend in the Daily Chart: Bullish

Update: TP1 Reached. You can book partial profit and move SL to entry.


Double Top completed on H4. Add short at the retest of the neckline.


  • Since the pattern is emerging on the H4, targets and stop loss of the pattern is not tight. You can wait for my entry notification for this trade. Setup No: EUUS160601
  • Entry notification will be sent as soon as we get divergence and/or candle pattern confirmation. This would increase the accuracy of the setup. However, the trade can be executed without confirmation.

Warning and Things to Pay Attention:

  1. Harmonic Patterns are reversal patterns and mostly against the main trend on the chart they appear.
  2. Target levels are determined by MM Calculation as the pattern has not been completed yet. They may vary 3-5 pips according to the completion level of the predicted patterns.
  3. Pay attention to Time Frame, Trade Period and Estimated Completion Time, Accuracy and Recommended Lot Size clauses mentioned below.
  4. Do not risk more than 2% in one trade setup.
  5. We usually book partial profit at the first target and move our stop loss to entry or break-even level. Use your own risk/profit management to exit the trade.
  6. We are publishing potential opportunities. There are no certainties and traders bets on possibilities. Read the setup carefully before entering a trade and take your own decision.
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