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Cycle Sniper Videos to understand the system

I have posted several videos about Cycle Sniper to explain all features including live trade samples in a real account.

In this article, you will see all features of Cycle Sniper and other free tools including the different systems to trade with Cycle Sniper.

  • Key lines of Cycle Sniper

Over Bought = When CS Price Line and CS Deviation Line are above the deviation histogram.

Over Sold = When CS Price Line and CS Deviation Line are below the deviation histogram.

Bullish Deviation when the histogram’s color is green.

Bearish Deviation when the histogram’s color is red.


  • How to put Stop Loss and Take Profit according to Cycle Sniper

  • Deviation check

  • Scalping with Cycle Sniper by checking different timeframes deviations

  • Does not repaint.

  • New Tools Cycle Sniper Beta Bands and Cycle Sniper Alpha Trigger

  • DJI Scalping and where to put take profit and stop loss

  • Cycle Blocks and Cycle Sniper

  • Gold Scalping Sample with different time frames checking and take profit / stop-loss

  • Another sample of scalping by checking the other timeframes

  • Scalping strategy with Cycle Sniper. Checking Beta Bands and Different Timeframes

  • Smart Cycle Blocks Trader

  • Gold Scalp M1 and M5 . DJI H1

  • GOLD Scalping by Cycle Sniper and Advanced Chart Patterns Tracker

  • Importance of the fundamentals while reading the Cycles

  • Video about how to use 2 settings of CS at the same chart

  • Video about how to read the Cycle Sniper and check the different timeframes.

  • Video for complete trading system

  • Guiding Videos




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