Breakout Sniper

New Indicator for MT4

Breakout Sniper


Breakout Sniper draws trendlines by using improved fractals and plots the breakout and reversal points.



By using the Multi-Period and Multi Timeframe

– Easily identify the potential reversal and breakout levels.

– Plot the patterns like triangles, head and shoulders, wedge patterns, cup and handle patterns etc.

– Indicator draws arrows only when a breakout happens.

– You can see the uncompleted/forming trendlines as well.


Signal Mode: After Close ( Puts Arrow after the candle closing above/below the trendline )

Instant (  Puts Arrow as soon as the price breaks above/below the trendline )

Time Frame 1: Choose the TF

Fractal Period: Enter the period for the chosen TF

Time Frame 2:  Choose the TF

Fractal Period:   Enter the period for the chosen TF

Time Frame 3:   Choose the TF

Fractal Period:   Enter the period for the chosen TF

*** If you would like to see only one TF and one period, set the others the same as the first one.

Colors :

* Chose the colors of the Completed Trendlines.

* Colors 1 … For the first TF and Period

* Colors 2 … For the second TF and Period

* Colors 3… For the third TF and Period.


  • Colours of the uncompleted lines are set NONE as a default. Chose a colour if you would like to see the uncompleted/forming lines.
  • If there are the same trendlines in different TF and/or Periods, the colour of the bigger TF/Period is shown on the chart.
  • To test the bigger timeframes on strategy tester, the more history must be loaded.


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