We launch a new service!


What are the benefits and features of the Live Trading Room?

  1. Real trading and real results posted, including all losses. Entry, stop and target posted – real-time update on management.
  2. Real education on various topics daily. ( Indicator Trading, Chart Patterns, Harmonic Patterns, etc )
  3. Real support: a true community approach to learning.
  4. Real activity: you can expect 10-45 trades on different chart timeframes in the room per day. More activity means more practice.
  5. Currencies, Commodites,Indices,Stocks, Crytpocurrencies.
  6. Real-time news and comments.
  7. One to one communication with our traders. Questions and Answers.
  8.  You can ask about every instrument you would like to trade. An instant analysis will be ready for you.
  9. We Don’t Sugar Coat Anything, This Includes Our Emotions and Results
  10. We Explain ALL of Our Trades and WHY We Took Them, For Better Or Worse.
  11. We Trade Trading As A Business: Which Means We Take It Very Seriously!
  12. We share the charts, patterns. We share our trades real-time. Screenshots. Entry, Pending Orders, Take profit levels placed on the trading platform.


Daily Routine:

  1. The room opens in late Asia Session.
  2. Morning Market Review. Overview of the main instruments. ( EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, GOLD, CRUDE OIL, INDICES, CRYPTOS)
  3. Intraday Trades, Midterm trades, Longer-Term trades.
  4. Trades for scalpers.
  5. Summary of the Europe Session and U.S Session.
  6. The room closes with U.S closing.

 If you`re looking for an intelligent way to trade the financial market every day, join our community of profitable traders.

Some Samples

How can you join the Chartreaderpro 5/24 Trading Room?

Signup to our echofin trading floor by using the following link:


And register to 5/24 Live Trading Floor.  

The cost: $10 / Day

Subscribers of the Premium Package can use the room with no cost.