Price Action Sniper

Price Action Sniper

After Cycle Sniper Indicator, we have completed and released the Price Action Sniper Indicator.

You can use it with Cycle Sniper Indicator, or you can use it with your own custom indicators.

Price Action Sniper is designed to trade the Price Action on the desired chart time frame.

– Trend Reversals.

– Trend Continuation.

– Brekaouts.

Price action forms the basis for all technical analysis of a currency pair, commodity or other asset chart.

Many short-term traders rely exclusively on price action and the formations and trends extrapolated from it to make trading decisions.

Technical analysis as a practice is a derivative of price action since it uses past prices in calculations that can then be used to inform trading decisions

Price Action Sniper send signals by checking:

– Trendlines

– Candle Stick Patterns and Formations: Three Line Strike, Three Black Crows, Engulfing Candles, Evening Star, Shooting Star

– Deviations

– Moving Averages

– Support / Resistance


– Draw Lines True/Flase : Choose True if you want to see the key lines drawn by the indicator.

– Show Only New Forms: Choose False if you want to see the history.

– Choose Alert for your need.


– Does not repaint.

– Optimum parameters ( Moving Averages for each TF and deviations ) have been set.

– Works on every time frame and every instrument.

– Perfect combination with Cycle Sniper Indicator.

– You can trade with the indicator or combine it with your own indicators.


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