Cycle Sniper MT4: The Best Indicator for Reversals And Brekaouts


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Are you tired of losing money in Forex Trading?

After twenty years of experience in the markets and three years of hard work – coding, backtesting -, Cycle Sniper is ready!

Cycle indicators are oscillating indicators that can be used to analyze market cycles. According to cycle theory, markets have a tendency to move in cyclical patterns from periods of bullishness to periods of bearishness and back to periods of bullishness.

These cycles are repeated with a regularity that allows them to be used to anticipate price changes at key cyclical intervals. However, shorter cycles are present in shorter time frames with smaller cycles operating within larger cycles. It is this phenomenon that makes cycle analysis difficult as at any moment a shorter cycle may be moving upward while the larger cycle is moving downward.


Here we have combined the cycles with harmonic calculations and completed the Cycle Sniper.


Modified Version ( Latest ) of Cycle Sniper

  • Works on MT4 Platform
  • Works on every timeframe and every instrument. ( Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Cryptos)
  • Full alerts option and push notifications
  • Different settings for harmonic cycles and price breakouts are provided within a user manual file.
  • 90% Accuracy
  • RSI Filter Optional
  • MFI Filter Optional
  • Three Different Signal Modes – Extreme Reversals, Late Reversal Entry, Breakout, and Trend Entry
  • 7/24 support and education via Discord Channel for users.
  • Additional free indicators to improve your trading skills with Cycle Sniper


  • Trade only by the indicator.
  • No need to buy any other harmonic or breakout indicators.
  • Use it as an assistant to your trading strategies.
  • Use the indicator to enter to trade or to take profit
  • Finds extreme reversal points.
  • Finds price breakouts.
  • Ready custom settings for each entry mode

Why buy?

  • If you are unable to do analysis during the day due to your own business and miss opportunities.
  • If you have just started learning Harmonic or Breakout Patterns and want to eliminate uncertainties.
  • If you don’t want to spend time on harmonic analysis as a full-time trader.

Free Indicators come with Cycle Sniper

  • Cycle Sniper Beta Bands
  • CS Alpha Trigger
  • Order Blocks
  • CS Peak Filter
  • CS RSI Estimate
  • CS RSI ZigZag
  • Cycle Helper
  • Murrey Math Lines


As I mentioned in the description of the product and in my videos, this indicator is not a holy grail. We recommend trading in a system.

I have tried to explain everything about the indicators in this blog post. Please try to watch all videos.


I am providing the complementary indicators as a filter for the traders who like to take the risk and make early entry attempts or be more conservative and wait for some confirmations. Different strategies are explained in the videos.

Although each of the said indicators can be used for different purposes, they can sometimes be used together in a single strategy. I tried to explain in the videos how and for what purpose they can be used. We will send the free indicators after you purchase the product.

Especially, this video will help you to understand the main idea of the system and show you a very strong trading strategy. People are making constant profits with this system. The accuracy is more than 80% if you obey the rules.

As you will see, checking different timeframes and deviations ( Set 1 and Set 2 ) is very important to increase accuracy.

2 Set files and 3 different templates will be sent after you purchase the product.

You will find everything you need to know about Cycle Sniper


Contact us after your purchase and we will send you all the necessary information. Support via Skype and Discord.



Key Article with all features and Sample Trades


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